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Is Your York, Pennsylvania Home In Need Of Roof Maintenance?

Why is roof maintenance important?

Proper roof maintenance can both extend the life of your roof and reduce the likelihood that the interior of your home will suffer the negative consequences associated with faulty roofs. Your roof protects your family and your possessions from the elements, but it also is constantly at their mercy. Roofs in York are under greater pressure than is the case in many places, because of the high level of climatic variation found in the region. During the spring and summer, the heat of the sun bakes roofs and the rain soaks them. During the winter, frozen snow expands and warps roofing materials. Other threats to your roofing are found year round such as high wind and animal invasion. Eventually, even the strongest roofing materials begin to wear down.

  • Extending the Life of Your Roof. Regular maintenance helps keep your roof in top condition, making it better able to withstand the elements for longer periods. Additionally, resolving roofing issues before they become more serious maintains the overall integrity of your roof. Although no amount of maintenance can preserve a roof indefinitely, you may be able to add several years to the usable life of your roof and delay its eventual replacement.
  • Protecting the Interior of Your Home. Roofing damage rarely stays limited to the roof. Faulty roofs let in water and pests and let out interior air. The results can be disastrous and costly. Water can destroy paint and drywall, rust screws, and weaken the structural beams in your home. It can also fuel the growth of massive colonies of allergy-inducing mold, which in turn feed equally massive populations of roaches and other pest species. Your heating and cooling bills will also go up as your temperature regulation systems have to work harder to make up for the constant loss of air to the outside world. Routine roof maintenance can allow you to stop potential leaks and holes from forming, sparing you from thousands of dollars in remediation costs in the process.

What roof repair options are available?

That is impossible without first inspecting your home. What repair options are available to you will be determined by a number of factors such as the age of your roof, the severity and extent of any damage, and the steepness of your roof’s slope. Some of the most common roof repair options include:

  • Localized Roof Repair. If an isolated part of your roof has been damaged, but the overall condition of the roof is good, it will often be possible to repair just the damaged region. Some examples of damage which could possibly be repaired without working on the rest of the roof would include a single cracked tile or a small patch of shingles ripped off during a thunderstorm. Localized roof repair is typically cheaper and less time-consuming than other available options.
  • Replacement. There comes a point where it no longer makes sense to repair a roof any farther, either because it would be too expensive to do so or the condition of the roof has deteriorated to such an extent that any repairs would not be effective long-term. When this is the case the roof must be replaced. You may have the option of replacing your roof with a different material, although the options available to you will be limited by the structure of your home, the size of your budget, and any Home Owner’s Association regulations your house may be subject to.
  • Re-Covering. Normally, you will have to remove all of an existing roof before you can install a new one. In some circumstances, you can put new roofing materials on top of existing ones without first removing the old roof. Re-covering, as this process is known, is normally only possible on shingle roofs. Practical and legal reasons also dictate that it may only be done a limited number of times before the roof must be fully replaced, usually once.

Why is 1-800-Roofcare the better choice?

1-800-Roofcare is a national leader in the roofing industry. We are an association of independent roofing contractors with members in communities across the United States, including in York. Among the many benefits we provide to our clients include:

  • High Caliber Services
  • Contractors Who Are Both Licensed and Insured
  • Competitive Prices
  • National Standards of Excellence
  • Localized Expertise in the York Area
  • Free Roofing Quotes

How do I get a free roofing quote today?

If you would like to contact us by phone, just dial 1-800-Roofcare. Our team of customer service representatives will find out more about your individual needs before directing you to our local York affiliate. If you would prefer to contact us electronically, continue down to the contact form at the bottom of this page. Simply complete that form and send it in. Our staff will process your form and send you additional information and instructions.

Where does 1-800-Roofcare provide service in York County?

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