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Searching For A Roof Maintenance Company In West Chester?

Finding a well qualified contractor in West Chester can be difficult because of the market saturation in that part of Pennsylvania. By dialing 1-800-Roofcare or filling out the form on this website, a homeowner can be directed to a company that is both licensed and insured to do roof work. The company will also have a minimum of five years experience working in the West Chester area. These prerequisites set a homeowner up for a successful roof repair process. Roof repairs should not be delayed, weather damages from leaks and other exterior elements can mount quickly. The expenses of interior repairs are always more than fixing the root issue on the roof.

How often should a homeowner schedule roof repairs?

Modern roofs are made of a wide variety of materials. Because of this range of construction techniques, most experts recommend a roof inspection be done at least every three to five years. Roof replacement is necessary every twenty to thirty years. These two scheduled events can reduce risk of damage and catch problems before they begin to damage a home's interior. If water gets into the wooden support structure, pipes, wiring or any personal possessions the price of repairs can blossom wildly. If a homeowner suspects damage, they should contact a trained professional. They should keep the following factors in mind when debating if an inspection is necessary:

  • All businesses that are allowed into the 1-800-Roofcare referral network are required to provide a free estimate on any work that needs to be done.
  • Damages to the roof are not always visible from the exterior. A trained roofing expert can often locate weakened areas or damaged seals before a homeowner even knows they are there.
  • Roof damage can become a massive home repair bill if not dealt with immediately. Internal repairs are unpredictable and often take much more time to do than roof fixes.

What does typical roof damage look like?

The first thing every homeowner should keep in mind when performing an initial home inspection is, if it looks damaged, a professional should evaluate it. Every instance of roof damage is unique, and a list can't incorporate every possibility. In West Chester common weather damage can occur from both cold and warm precipitation. A homeowner is being responsible by having their roof inspected after severe weather events such as blizzards and hurricanes. These are some of the more common roof problems that occur:

  • Sagging ceilings is a warning that there is a leak somewhere in the roof. A seal may be broken or a hole may have formed. The wooden structure of the ceiling is absorbing moisture and bending as it takes on weight and looses stiffness.
  • Weather damage can occur from both precipitation and debris impacting the roof. Broken tree branches and high winds can cause sudden damage that must be repaired quickly.
  • Buckling tiles or shingles points to a section of the roof that has either been constructed improperly or recently broken seals.
  • Aging is an often overlooked aspect of roof damage. If tiles appear loose or sections have fallen off the roof, an inspection is needed.
  • Discolored sections of the roof can point to mold, algae or moss that have begun to grow. These can trap moisture and wear away at the integrity of the structure.

How does 1-800-Roofcare work for you? 

By using the 1-800-Roofcare referral network, a homeowner is being directed to a small business that has displayed its expertise in the roof maintenance and repair industry. The contractor will be both licensed and insured in the state of Pennsylvania, in addition to having a minimum of five years experience. There are other benefits that are specific to small businesses that should be considered:

  • A small business owner understands that the work they do will be on display to the entire community. Quality work is one of their greatest advertisements.
  • Word of mouth is another important portion of a small businesses success. They understand that customer experience is paramount to their growth.
  • A small company can often connect the roof worker directly to the homeowner. They can better communicate and establish expectations to each other.
  • A local company will often respond faster to severe weather events. This can save money when emergency repairs are needed.

Where Chester County, Pennsylvania does 1-800-Roofcare service?

All of Chester County is covered including the following communities: 






Honey Brook

Kennett Square






South Coatesville

Spring City

West Chester

West Grove




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