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Are You Looking For Roofing Contractors In Reading, Pennsylvania?

Nothing is worse than hearing the drip, drip, drip, of a leaking roof, whether it is from a spring rain or a winter snow.  Well, one thing is worse, and that’s hiring a bad contractor who only makes the situation worse rather than better.  If you would like to take the stress and worry out of searching for a qualified roof care professional, then you need 1-800-Roofcare.

What makes 1-800-Roofcare different from other roofing companies?

1-800-Roofcare is an association of independent roofing contractors with members across the United States, including in Reading.  When you choose 1-800-Roofcare, you are getting a number of benefits, including:

  • National Standards with a Local Flair. By operating through local affiliates, we are able to combine the best features of a national organization and a local company.  We maintain a national standard of service excellence while also providing localized expertise with the environmental conditions and building regulations found in Reading.
  • Security and Peace of Mind. Our good name is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we are very selective about whom we let join 1-800-Roofcare.  Only a single member may join per county, excluding more than 95% of licensed roofing professionals.  Before any contractor may join, we pre-qualify him or her to make sure that all licensing and insurance requirements have been met.  
  • Convenience. Simplicity is one of our major goals, and we truly strive to make your life as easy as possible.  By working with local contractors, we lessen driving times and make it easier for you to keep in contact with the people who are doing the work on your home.  We also provide quick and easy methods for reaching us.
  • A Free Quote. It is nearly impossible for you to know how much your repairs might end up costing, because you are not a trained professional.  Likewise, it is impossible for us to know how much we will have to charge you without first inspecting your roof and analyzing its condition.  To solve this problem, we offer our customers a free quote, meaning you get the information you need without having to pay for it.  

Does 1-800-Roofcare only repair roofs, or do they offer maintenance as well?

We are active in all aspects of the roofing industry, and we do offer roof maintenance services.  1-800-Roofcare recommends that you have your roof inspected by one of our contractors approximately every six months.  During that inspection, we will also be able to complete minor roof repairs and clean your roof if necessary. By regularly maintaining your roof you can substantially increase its useful life, possibly even by several years.  Even better, regular roof maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in repairs by preventing damage to the inside of your home.  We’ll find and patch a potential leak before it lets water drip down your walls and into your carpet.  

Roof maintenance is especially important in Reading.  The local climate can be extremely hard on roofs.  The fluctuations between very hot summers and quite cold winters are very hard on most roofing materials.  The comparatively high levels of precipitation also cause difficulties.  Debris from local trees can release chemicals which weaken many roofing materials and cause their deterioration.  Wildlife such as woodpeckers and raccoons can also wreak havoc.   

Is there a difference between roofing materials?

Every roofing material has its plusses and minuses, and each one will be a better fit in a different situations.  Some things to consider when choosing a roofing material are:

  • Cost.There is a drastic difference in cost between roofing materials.  In general, asphalt and wood are the cheapest, while certain types of ceramics and stone are the most expensive.
  • Longevity. While the life expectancy of a roof in determined by a number of factors, some materials undoubtedly last longer than others.  Some asphalt shingles are in dire need of replacement after 20 years, while it is claimed that shale tiles can last indefinitely.  Treatments and coloration can also influence longevity.
  • Neighborhood Restrictions. Some of Reading’s neighborhoods have home owners’ associations which put limits on what roofing materials can be used.  Before conducting and roof replacement, you should always consult with your HOA rules.  
  • Strength of the Interior Support Structure of the Home. Certain roofing materials are much lighter than others, with asphalt and wood being the lightest and concrete and stone being the heaviest.  The internal structure of some homes was not designed to withstand the weight of some heavier materials, which can lead to severe structural damage over time.
  • Slope of the Roof. The steeper the pitch of your roof, the more limited your choice of roofing materials will be.  Roofs that are too steep may cause certain tiles and shingles to slide off due to weight, shape, and the pull of gravity
  • Climate. Reading has a comparatively wet climate, and algae and mold may accumulate on roofs during the summer.  Termites and other insects can also be a problem in the warmer months.  For this reason it is highly advisable to choose wood that has been treated with copper and zinc particles, as well as other chemicals.

How do I reach get the process of estimation started? 

  • Via Telephone. Our number is 1-800-Roofcare.  When you call, one of our customer service representatives will collect some necessary information before transferring you to our local affiliate in Reading.  
  • Via the Internet. We have included a form on this page.  If you complete that form and send it to us, we will reply at our earliest possible opportunity.

Where does 1-800-Roofcare provide service in Reading, Pennsylvania and Berks County?

Our local affiliate operates in communities throughout Berks County, including:
















Mount Penn

New Morgan





Sinking Spring




West Reading



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