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1-800-Roof Care serves Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Serving Philadelphia County
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In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, All of Your Roofing Needs Are Made Easy When You Choose 1-800-Roofcare!

Whatever the roofing problem, 1-800-Roofcare will find a workable solution for you. Roof repairs, roof repairs, and roof installation are areas that as a roofing company, we specialize in. Our team of roofing professionals will quickly identify the problem, present solutions to resolve the issues, and complete the work, always in a professional and timely manner.

We will solve your roofing problems!

Whether you are having problems with the roof of your home or the roof of your business property, you can depend upon 1-800-Roofcare to meet your needs.

  • Repairs – We provide a complete range of roofing repairs from re-attaching flashing to replacing broken tiles to repairing connecting joints in metal roofing. We are a full service roofing company that can meet your repair needs no matter the size or the material.
  • Maintenance – All roofing surfaces need maintenance. Some materials, like asphalt shingles may need more attention and care long a copper roof. The better maintenance a roof receives the longer lifespan it should have. 1-800-Roofcare offers maintenance programs that will save you money and save your roof.
  • Installations – Whether for a new building or for an existing building, whether for a slate roof or a green roof, we can provide the materials and the installation team that will provide your home with years of worry free protection. 

We provide a wide assortment roofing materials from which to choose!

  • Metal – Metal roofs offer a sound selection for city buildings. A wide choice of colors and design can give a building a very distinctive appearance. This kind of roofing system has a very long lifespan of fifty years or longer.
  • Rubber – Flat roofs and those roofs with a very low profile, have created problems for roofers for a long time. Today’s synthetic rubber roofs offer a good alternative for they provide protection for a long period of time, are easy to repair if damaged, allow for more roofing insulation to be added prior to installation, and because of the various colors available, the roof can either reflect or absorb heat depending upon the desired outcome.
  • Asphalt – For individual homes in the area, asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing product. A wide color selection, cost effective life span, ease of installation, and ease of repair are all reasons to have an asphalt shingled roof. This type of roof can last up to twenty years or more.
  • Tile – Slate and cement tiles have been roofing components in our city for many years. Tile roofing systems provide years of service, great appearance, and a low cost for upkeep.
  • Green – Green roofs are becoming popular for flat top business, professional, educational, and apartment buildings. The concept of having a living roof replete with shrubs, grasses, and plants provides for a healthier environment, and a roof that requires fewer repairs and maintenance.

1-800-Roofcare services all types of roofing styles and roofing materials!

In addition to the broad array of roofing materials that we have protecting the roofs of our homes and businesses, Philadelphia has a wide array of roofing styles. Many of business buildings have flat or low sloping roofs. The mansard roofing style dominates in some parts of our city, while more traditional roof types exist in other neighborhoods. Professional and college buildings have metal roofing systems that date back many decades. With this extensive collection of roof styles, only an experienced and professional roofing company, like 1-800-Roofcare, can be depended upon to meet the needs of all building owners.

Contact Us Today!

  • Telephone – Call 1-800-Roofcare to speak directly to one our Philadelphia service representatives. Discuss your roofing concerns with our representative, and then our representative will set a convenient time for one of our roofing specialists to come to your home or business, inspect the roof, and develop a plan that will solve your roofing issues.
  • Internet – Complete the form that is provided on this webpage and send it o us. One of our service representatives will be in touch with you to start the process of having your roofing needs met.

The 1-800-Roofcare affiliate in Philadelphia serves all twelve planning sections of the city and their neighborhoods, including:

Center City

South Philadelphia

Southwest Philadelphia

West Philadelphia

Lower North Philadelphia

Upper North Philadelphia





Near Northeast Philadelphia

Far Northeast Philadelphia


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