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Is Your Greensburg, Pennsylvania Home In Need Of Roof Repair?

You roof protects your family and possessions from the full force of the Pennsylvania elements. Your roof provides shade during the hot, humid summer and traps warm air inside during the winter months. Your roof blocks the rain and the snow, preventing moisture from entering your home. Your roof even acts as a barrier to pests, keeping small animals from entering your home. A faulty roof is no longer capable of performing these duties adequately; meaning that any roof damage should be repaired immediately.

How do I know if I need roof repair?

With the exception of certain accidents like falling trees and windstorms, most roof damage develops slowly over time. In most cases, vigilant homeowners will be able to detect signs that their roof’s condition has deteriorated before secondary problems such as leaks have arisen. Some early signs of roof damage include:

  • Missing or Loose Tiles and Shingles
  • Cracked or Damaged Tiles and Shingles
  • Flaking or Chipping Roofing Materials
  • Rows of Roofing Materials which Appear Misaligned
  • Roofing Materials on the Ground by the Edge of the Roof or in Gutters
  • Debris Piles on Top of the Roof

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t notice the exterior signs of roof damage until it is already too late. In fact, the presence of roof damage is often only discovered after the secondary effects have already begun to wreak havoc with the home’s interior. Interior damage which may indicate roof damage includes:

  • Paint Stains and Discoloration
  • Peeling Wallpaper
  • Ceiling and Wall Cracks
  • Stained and Cracked Hardwood Flooring
  • Wet and Stained Carpets and Rugs
  • The Odor of Mildew
  • Spikes in Heating and Cooling Bills 

Why is 1-800-Roofcare a better choice?

1-800-Roofcare is a national association of independently owned roofing companies, with members in communities such as Greensburg throughout the United States. We are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners for many reasons, including:

  • The Pre-Qualification Process. Not just anyone can join 1-800-Roofcare. We know that the quality of our services depends on the quality of our members. 1-800-Roofcare wants to protect you from sub-par and out-of-code repairs from unlicensed contractors, as well as the financial risk of hiring a contractor who doesn’t have the necessary amount of insurance. This is especially true in Pennsylvania, where the building codes are especially strict. That’s why we make all potential members go through a rigid pre-qualification process to ensure they are adequately licensed and insured, as well as meeting a number of other criteria. We are so choosy that fewer than one in fifty licensed roof care providers are eligible for membership.
  • The Wide Range of Services. Your roof will require different services at different points in its usable life, often even at different points in the same calendar year. This is frequently the case in Greensburg, where the climatic differences from season to season are particularly drastic. For example, the weight of a heavy snowfall could but so much strain on a roof that leaks can develop when the snow begins to melt. If the summer later that same year is especially hot and humid, algae could start to grow and have to be removed. We want to be the only roofing contractor that you will ever need to call, and we offer a wide-range of services to prove it.
  • The Free Quote. We understand how important it is for our customers to keep their costs down by finding the best deal available to them, and we want to help them find it. To that end, we are now offering free roofing quotes to residents of the Greensburg area. We’ll send someone out to your property to examine your roof and give you an estimate of costs, and you won’t have to pay us for doing so. We then encourage you to get as many quotes as you’d like from other roof care providers. We believe that our prices and quality of service will speak for themselves.

How do I get a free estimate today?

As always, all that you need to do to call us is dial 1-800-Roofcare. When you call, our polite and professional team of customer service representatives will put you in direct contact with our local Greensburg affiliate. But wait, you don’t even have to leave this page to contact our team. If you would like to avoid speaking on the phone, you can fill out the contact form we have included at the bottom of this webpage and send it in to us. We will review your form and respond with additional details at our earliest possible opportunity.

Where can I get 1-800-Roofcare service in Greensburg and Westmoreland County?

Our local affiliate repairs and maintains roofs throughout Westmoreland County, including the communities of:









East Vandergrift




Hyde Park




Laurel Mountain


Lower Burrell




Mount Pleasant


New Alexandria

New Florence

New Stanton

New Kensington

North Belle Vernon

North Irwin






South Greensburg

Southwest Greensburg




West Leechburg

West Newton




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