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1-800-Roof Care serves Erie, Pennsylvania

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I Need My Roof Repaired In Erie, Pennsylvania

Erie can experience heavy rains and snow fall that will ultimately take a toll on our roofs. When you see signs of roof damage or encounter a leak during heavy rainfall, who would you trust to repair or replace your roof? Don't dawdle in an emergency, call 1-800-Roofcare before the roof damage worsens. It is your 24-hour connection to the top rated roofing professionals in Erie. They are ready to help you with repairs, maintenance, inspections, and even total roof replacements. Call today for a free no obligation quote today.

What kind of service do the experts at 1-800-Roofcare provide?

It isn’t easy to trust a roofing contractor since a few unsavory people have given the entire industry a bad reputation. The good news is that when you call 1-800-Roofcare, you can trust that we have done the credential research for you. We identified the top 5% of all roofing experts in the nations and invited them to become part of our 1-800-Roofcare network. That means you already know you are getting the best of the best when you call. We pride ourselves in gold standard customer service, so you can always count on us to:

  • Keep on schedule. We believe that good customer service starts with showing you we value you as a customer. We know that your time is important and we don’t want to waste a moment of it by making you wait. We always strive to keep appointments on time. If we are going to be late, you can expect a call to keep you informed.
  • No pressure, no hassle service. We don’t ever want you to be surprised. So we will always offer a free written estimate every time. This way there are no hidden fees. We will identify any items we feel need attention and repairs, without any sales pressure.
  • Helpful customer service. Our staff is trained to assist you with the complicated insurance paperwork process. Should your roofing problem be eligible for insurance, our trained staff members are ready, willing, and able to assist you through the maze of insurance paperwork that goes along with filing a claim.

What types of maintenance and repairs can the experts at 1-800-Roofcare help me with?

  • Emergency roof repairs. Anytime you find yourself with a roofing emergency call 1-800-Roofcare. It doesn’t matter if it was created by a baseball, falling tree branch, or a heavy rain storm. We know emergencies are never easy and you want them repaired as soon as possible so you can safely return to your property, fast!
  • Improper roof installations and poor maintenance. When you buy a property, you have no way of knowing how the original roof was installed and if it was maintained along the way. Call 1-800-Roofcare and we will send a certified technician to inspect your roof. We can help you determine the current health of your roof and suggest maintenance or repairs that will help prolong its life.
  • New roof installations. Trusting just anyone with a big investment is risky. Call 1-800-Roofcare so you can be assured you are getting top rated roofing experts right here in Erie. Make sure that it is done right, the first time!

I need to replace the entire roof. What is the best choice?

There are so many options when it comes to roofing materials, it can be overwhelming. When you call 1-800-Roofcare, you will be connected to a certified roofing expert who will work side by side with you to help you find the right materials for your project. We assist you in sorting through the massive amount of options to determine which material is best for your tastes, style, personality, and budget. Our specialists will explain each of these options to you in depth:

  • Affordable choices. If you need to save money, then you need to consider asphalt or wood roofing shingles. Both last around 10-20 years, but offer different features. A wood roof can be subject to termite or dry rot damage and must be well maintained but is a great environmentally friendly option. But the industry standard to asphalt which comes in many colors and textures. Both are good choices for small or residential projects.
  • Moderately priced choices. If you want something that lasts but adds style, consider metal or tile roofing. They last upward of 40 years when well maintained. Metal roofs are modern and sleek, adding a classy element to your commercial project. They are better insulated and weather resistant to rust unlike metal roofs of the past. If you want curb appeal however, tiles are the way to go. They are attractive and actually add value to your property! Both are great investments.
  • High end choices. In a perfect world with an unlimited budget, slate roofs would be at the top of everyone’s list. Truth is, these roofs last up to 100 years. They come with a steep price tag however, making them unrealistic for most people’s projects.

We provide roof care service throughout Erie County including:


Fairview Township

McKean Township

Mill Village

Venango Township

Washington Township


North East

Franklin Township

Lawrence Park

LeBoeuf Township

North East Township

Lawrence Park Township

Northwest Harborcreek




Amity Township


Concord Township

Conneaut Township


Elk Creek Township



Millcreek Township

Wayne Township

Penn State Erie


Girard Township

Greene Township


Greenfield Township

Harborcreek Township

Union Township

Waterford Township

Lake City


Springfield Township

Summit Township

Union City


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