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In Kalamazoo, Michigan is Your Home’s Roof in Need of Repair? Then Contact 1-800-Roofcare!

In Kalamazoo, do not overlook the importance of good roof maintenance, and reliable roof repair. With the seasons of the year, we all need to have a roofing company that will provide timely, and professional roofing services. 1-800-Roofcare can meet your roofing needs!

How could my home suddenly start to have leaks?

Roof leaks can occur suddenly and unexpectedly.

  • Age – Once a roofing system reaches a certain age, leaks can appear suddenly and without warning. Unfortunately, it may not just be one leak, but several leaks. A roof has a definite number of years that it can continue to successfully protect your home from the elements. Unlike the siding on your home that you can paint every few years to add another layer of protection, the roofing material that you put on twenty years ago has had to pretty much withstand whatever nature has thrown at it. Each type of roofing material has a different lifespan. When shingles get brittle and break, when the metal has rusted through, or when the tile is cracked and broken, it is time for a new roof for your existing roof will continue to allow unwanted water to enter your home.
  • Lack of Care – Although we cannot add another layer of paint to the roofs of our homes, there are things that we can do to extend the life of a roof. Do not let debris gather and rot on your roof. Remove it. If you see a shingle or a piece of flashing missing or out of place, call 1-800-Roofcare to have it repaired. Do not let small repairs multiply and spread. Keep branches from overhanging your home or brushing against the roof of your home. These are simple steps, but important steps, that you, the homeowner, should do. Without this care, a roof can start to leak at any time.
  • Storm Damage – You may not have thought that the storm was too severe. The wind, however, could have been from just the right angle and at just the right speed, to dislodge a shingle or pull free a piece of flashing. Just a small issue can create a pathway into your home for the rainwater and the melting snow to find. 

What are my choices now?

  • Repairs – If you are lucky, the leak in the roof of your home can be something simple – a torn or missing shingle, a seal between two different materials has opened up, or a piece of flashing has worked itself loose. When water is cascading into your home, you may think that the leaks could never be repaired, but in these cases, a nail, a tube of sealant, or moving a shingle back in place, could solve the problem at little expense.
  • Replacement – Other times, a homeowner is not as lucky. The roof may no longer be able to do its job, and will need to be replaced. 1-800-Roofcare offers very competitive pricing on a wide range of roofing materials – asphalt shingles, tile, synthetic rubber, and metal are just a few.

Can I leave the roof of my home alone, and hope for the best?

Once the roof of your home has started to leak, the idea of “Let’s wait and maybe it will go away” does not work. Contact a professional roofing company like 1-800-Roofcare to resolve the problem. Here are some of the problems that could occur:

  • Mold – When an area becomes moist, such as the back of the sheetrock that makes up your home’s interior walls, mold spores will find those moist areas. If the area continues to receive moisture, the mold will flourish, and could spread further throughout your home, creating a potential health risk to your family.
  • Wood Deterioration – Wood that is getting wet and then drying continually will start to break down. The moisture will attract a variety of insects, including some that will help speed the deterioration of the wood.The moisture will also attract a fungus, that if given the right moist conditions, will work its way throughout the wood and create a condition called wood rot. The wood can appear to be solid and strong, but not have any structural strength.
  • Interior Damage – Water that works its way into your home through the roof, once it reaches walls and ceilings, will leave behind a ugly, brown stains. These stains are hard to remove or to cover. If enough moisture soaks into the sheetrock that constitutes the ceilings of your home, the ceiling could collapse.
  • Reduced Home Value – Whenever a home inspector sees the telltale signs of previous roof leaks, concerns are raised, and inevitably, the value of your home will be reduced. Whether this inspection is being done for resale or refinance, you will lose value due to roof leaks that have gone on resolved. 

We can be reached by:

  • Email – Complete the form on this webpage and forward it to us. One of our service representatives will contact you shortly to start the process of having your home’s roof repaired.
  • Phone – If you would like assistance now, call 1-800-Roofcare. If you have an emergency, one of our roofing teams will be dispatched as soon as a team is available. If it is not an emergency, our service representative will set a convenient time for one of our roofing specialists to visit your home, inspect the roof, and prepare an estimate for you.

Our Kalamazoo affiliate serves the roofing needs of all of Kalamazoo County, including:

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