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1-800-Roof Care serves Kent, Michigan

Serving Kent County
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Have Your Home’s Roof in Grand Rapids, Michigan Ready for Any Kind of Weather, Contact 1-800-Roofcare Today!

If your home in Grand Rapids has repairs that need to be made – loose flashing, missing shingles, and worn roofing material – contact the area’s roofing specialist, 1-800-Roofcare. The weather from all of our four seasons could have serious consequences for the roofs of our homes. Our homes need to be ready to face the challenges that each season brings. Only with the professional services from a roofing company, such as 1-800-Roofcare, will your home be in the watertight condition that it needs to be.

Why 1-800-Roofcare?

  • National Affiliation – 1-800-Roofcare is a group of affiliated roofing companies that share some common attributes. They are experienced in the roofing industry. They haven a proven track record of dependability. They have been supportive community members throughout the life of the business. And, only 2% of the all the roofing companies in the country are selected to be members of 1-800-Roofcare.
  • Experience – To be part of this national affiliation, the affiliate in Grand Rapids has had years of serving the residents of Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities. 1-800-Roofcare knows the importance of experience when it comes to repairing roofs. The greater the experience the easier it is to find the leaks, and to know what will work to seal them.
  • Dependability – 1-800-Roofcare does a thorough investigation of each of our affiliates. We need to know that the affiliate has already earned the trust of the community. It is only the most dependable roofing companies that are selected to become members of 1-800-Roofcare. 

What can 1-800-Roofcare do for you?

  • Maintenance – We offer an annual maintenance program where we will inspect your home once a year, repair all minor issues, and compile a list for you of items that need to be addressed that are larger in scale. Yearly maintenance by a professional roofing company can add years to the life of your home’s roof.
  • Repairs – Our roofing repair teams will locate and repair any type of leak in any type of roof anywhere in the Grand Rapids area. Our prices are competitive, and we will have the job done when we say that we will.
  • Replacements – Being a full service roofing company, 1-800-Roofcare will strip away your home’s old roof, and have on a new one before you know it. A new roof will provide twenty to thirty to fifty years of worry free living.

What could a leaky roof do to your home?

A roof that is allowed to continue to leak over a long period of time, could have some nasty surprises waiting for you inside of the walls of your home.

  • Rotting Wood – When wood becomes moist and stays that way for lengthy period, insects will find it, as well as the fungus that causes the condition called ‘wood rot.” The constant moisture and the work of the associated insects will cause a piece of studding or a section of the beams to rot. The fungus will grow through the wood, sapping away the strength, and leaving the wood as just a hollow shell of its former self.
  • Insects – Moisture brings insects. If the wood of your home is continuously wet from leaks in the home’s roof, you have to expect insects. All insects need moisture to live. Wet wood is a perfect environment for a wide range of insects. Eventually, they will spread throughout your home.
  • Interior Damage – Water from roof leaks will leave behind stain marks on woodwork, ceilings, and walls. No surface of your home will be spared if the roof of your home cannot withstand the continuous assault from Michigan’s weather.
  • Mold – Once pockets of moisture are created on the interior of walls, mold will somehow find that moisture, and flourish. As we all know, mold can easily spread throughout your home, and be a health hazard for your family.

When you need to reach us:

  • Call – Our phone number is easy. Just dial 1-800-Roofcare to be connected to one of our Grand Rapids service representatives. We will discuss your roofing concerns, and then find a convenient time for a roofing specialist to come to your home, inspect the roof, and provide you with an estimate for the work to be done. If you have an emergency, 1-800-Roofcare will dispatch the first available roofing team to your home to help with the emergency.
  • Email – Complete the form on this webpage and forward it to us. A service representative will be in contact with you. Together you will start the process of having your home’s roof repaired.

1-800-Roofcare’s Grand Rapids affiliate provides roofing services to all of Kent County, including:










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