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1-800-Roof Care serves Genesee, Michigan

Serving Genesee County
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Is Your Flint, Michigan Home In Need Of Roof Repair?

Imagine you are sitting at the dinner table in your Flint home, enjoying a meal. As you walk towards the kitchen to get desert, you step on a wet spot on the carpet. While looking around for the source of the water, a drop falls on your head. When you spot a leak, it's time to call 1-800-Roofcare!

Why is immediate roof repair important?

The roof is perhaps the single most important part of your home and is the most responsible for sheltering us from the elements. Roofs also come into direct contact with most rooms in your home, meaning that roof-related issues can impact the entire building. Roof damage can dramatically affect the temperature of your home, especially during the Michigan winter. Hot air rises and can escape your home through a damaged roof. At the very least, this escape will increase your heating bill as your heating system works harder to compensate. Of greater concern to most homeowners is the potential for serious water damage. Most of the interior features of our homes such as paint, wallpaper, and carpet are not capable of withstanding long-term exposure to water and can be destroyed by it. Additionally, allergy-inducing mold thrives in damp conditions and can spread exponentially in areas moistened by a leak.

What should I choose 1-800-Roofcare for my roof repair and roof maintenance?

1-800-Roofcare is one of the biggest names in the American roofing industry for a reason. We are a national coalition of independent roof care providers with members in Flint and across the United States. Among the many reasons to choose us for your roofing needs are:

  • Experienced Local Contractors. The environmental and regulatory conditions found in Flint are unique to the region and differ substantially from those found in other regions. You want a contractor who knows what it takes for a roof to last in Flint and not somewhere else. Our local affiliates have years of experience in the area and know what repair methods, roofing materials, and maintenance schedules that are both necessary to cope with the Michigan climate and legal under state and local regulations. By working through a local member in Flint, we are able to provide our customers with the level of local expertise that they require.
  • National Standard of Excellence. Not just anyone can become a 1-800-Roofcare member because we only want affiliates who will uphold the 1-800-Roofcare standard of excellence. In fact, we only allow less than 5% of all roof repair and roof maintenance providers in the United States to join. We only take a single member per county, and all potential candidates must go through our rigid pre-qualification process. All 1-800-Roofcare members are properly licensed and insured according to the laws of their place of their state and county of operation, in this case Michigan and Genesee County.
  • Quality Service at a Reasonable Price. Our goal is to provide our customers with high caliber roofing services at a fair price. We are so confident that the quality of our service and the competitiveness of our prices that we are currently offering free repair quotes. We’ll send someone to your home to take a look at your roof at no charge to you, and then provide you with details on what work needs to be done and an estimate of what that work will cost. Feel free to get as many other quotes as you like from other roofing contractors in Flint. In fact, we encourage you to get as much information as you can because we don’t think anyone can beat what we have to offer.

How do I get my free roofing quote today?

  • Via Telephone. When you dial 1-800-Roofcare, our staff of customer relations specialists will take your call and find out some more information about your individual needs. You will then be transferred to our local affiliate in Flint who will then be in direct charge of fulfilling those needs.
  • Via the Internet. The world is becoming increasingly electronic, and 1-800-Roofcare is keeping up with the times. You can now reach us directly from this webpage. Just complete the form located on this page and send it in. When you do, our representatives will review the information and provide you with additional details at our earliest possible convenience.

Where Does 1-800-Roofcare service in Genesee County?



Bayport Park


Brent Creek












Grand Blanc


Lake Fenton



Kipp Corners



Mount Morris


Otter Lake

Pine Run


Richfield Center



Swartz Creek

Thetford Center




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