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Trying To Find A Trusted Roofing Company In The Detroit Area?

Finding a reliable roof maintenance company in the Detroit area may seem like a daunting task. This is because there are simply too many of these contractors around. If you hire a company at random, then you may find yourself receiving mediocre service. Luckily, you can avoid this problem altogether by giving 1-800-Roofcare a call.

1-800-Roofcare is a referral service for various roof care companies in the Detroit area. There are strict requirements that a company must follow in order to be a part of this particular service. For instance, they must have a solid reputation behind them, with no less than five years’ worth of experience in the industry. They must also have an active insurance policy. Aside from this, companies are required to have all the proper business licenses.

What can I expect from 1-800-Roofcare?

The companies with 1-800-Roofcare can certainly take care of all your roofing needs. These companies follow a simple three step process for their clients. Namely, these steps are inspection, estimation, and repair.

  • Roof Inspections – By calling 1-800-Roofcare, you can schedule regular appointments with any of their reputable roof maintenance companies. These inspections can be annual, semi-annual, or quarterly. These are vital in terms of helping them assess the actual condition of your roof. It also helps you avoid emergency roof problems that may arise.
  • Estimates – Once inspections are done, the team of technicians will then provide you with a written estimate of possible costs. They will also provide you with their professional opinion regarding possible solutions to all the roof problems they find.
  • Quick and Thorough Repair – Once the damage has been assessed and the possible costs computed, the 1-800-Roofcare experts can then proceed to actually fixing the problem. It is a well-established fact that these companies are the best in the business. They provide a quick and efficient service for all their clients.

What makes proper roof care so important?

One cannot stress enough how important proper roof maintenance actually is. A damaged roof creates a number of dangerous situations. Performing regular roof care can give you some peace of mind, knowing that your family and your belongings are not at risk.

If left on its own, roof damage will only worsen over time. This can lead to additional damages to your home that can easily cost you thousands of dollars. That is why it is better to deal with your roof problems immediately. That being said, you should have your roof regularly inspected by 1-800-Roofcare.

It is also crucial to state here that taking care of your roof will save you money in the long run. You should think of roof care as an investment on your part. All the money you put in maintenance costs will most definitely pay off in the future. For instance, it helps you avoid premature roof replacement which can be quite expensive. A well-kept roof can also lead to minimal life cycle costs as well as reduced insurance costs.

What are signs of roof damage that I should look for?

The problem with roof care is that most people don’t pay attention to it until it is too late. Either that, or homeowners simply have no idea what the potential signs of roof damage actually look like.

The following is a list of things you should be wary of whenever you perform roof inspection.

  • Clear Out The Debris – Getting rid of debris in the form of dirt and leaves should be your priority. The actual size of the debris is irrelevant. It does not really matter whether the debris you find are big or small, as they still do a good job of keeping water in your roof. This can become a major factor in terms of roofing damage, as it can lead to the rusting and deterioration of your roof.
  • Check Your Roof Flashings – Flashings prevent water from getting into the roof. It is of paramount importance that you ensure that these are kept at optimal condition during roof inspection.
  • Inspect Your Roof’s Gutters – As you may well know, the gutters collect and help drain away rainwater from your roof. Be on the lookout for any holes or debris buildup in your gutters so you can avoid more problems.
  • Beware of Sagging – You need to look for any signs of sagging in the framing structure of your roof. If you find any signs of unevenness, then this is probably a sign that you need the services of a roof maintenance company.
  • Be careful of algae – Algae can really do a number on your roofing if you are not careful. Not only can the affect the roof’s natural color, but they can also do severe damage like make holes in the material. Algae resistant shingles surely come in handy in terms of preventing this particular problem. Make sure that you make use of shingles made with copper.

Whenever you have a damaged roof, it is always best to seek out the help of professionals. There is no need to fix the roof yourself, especially when there are plenty of experts who are more than capable of doing a better job. The companies in the 1-800-Roofcare network will do the job as quickly and as efficiently as possible. They can even perform emergency jobs, if necessary.

What areas are covered by 1-800-Roofcare in Wayne County, MI?


Garden City


Highland Park

Allen Park



Harper Woods





Lincoln Park


Grosse Pointe






River Rouge


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